Dozens of celebrities join forces to #EndViolence in Schools

UNICEF and NOVA Organize a Telethon on 23 February at 20.00

22 February 2019

Dozens of Bulgarian celebrities and popular faces of NOVA join forces on Saturday night (23 February) for a common cause – building a safe school environment for children in Bulgaria. They will participate in ‘Together Against Violence in Schools’ telethon that will be broadcast live at 20.00 on NOVA TV. 

Водещата на Нова телевизия Ани Салич

The money, raised during the two-hour telethon, will fund the three-year program for school violence prevention and safe school environment that will be developed and implemented by UNICEF and the Ministry of Education and Science.

Група Джереми

The cause unites not only UNICEF and NOVA but the whole society.

Journalists Ani Salich, Nadezhda Uzunova, Adelina Radeva, and Viktor Nikolaev, music stars Polly Genova, Kiril Marichkov, the bands ‘Jeremy?’ and PIF, Desislava, children’s choir Bon-bon, as well as actresses Yana Marinova, Ernestina Shinova, and Desislava Bakardzhieva, are only some of the celebrities participating in the telethon.

Вокална формация Бон-бон на сцената

Krasimir Valchev, Minister of Education and Science, and Maria Gabriel, European Commissioner for Digi­­­tal Economy and Society, will also support the cause.

A lot of true stories showing the different faces of violence in schools will be presented during the concert. 

Водещите на Нова телевизия Аделина Радева и Виктор Николаев

It will be co-hosted by the famous actress Yoana Boukovska-Davidova and the young actor, widely popular among children, Martin Paunov.

During the concert TV viewers can support the cause of UNICEF and NOVA by sending SMS with text 5 to 1021 (the donation is free of VAT and taxes for the customers of all mobile operators in Bulgaria), or by becoming BLAGODETEL with monthly donations through a mobile phone or with online donations on

Певицата Десислава

The digital media partner of the concert is Netinfo, part of NOVA Broadcasting Group.

The producer of the telethon, that is supported by Happy Bar and Grill, is ‘Dream Team’.


Водещата на Нова телевизия Надежда Узунова

Learn more about our three-year program, that will start with the beginning of next school year, here.