UNICEF and AEJ-Bulgaria provide video tutorials on ethical reporting on children in the media for free use

Courses for students, youth projects and professional standards are the focus of both organizations in their work with journalists in the country

05 February 2021

2 February, 2021, Sofia. Children, young people and their media presence remain a priority in the joint work of the Association of the European journalists in Bulgaria and the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) in 2021 related  to ethical reporting on children in the media. This is also the goal of a new series of educational videos that we present to you –  they are based on the "Guidebook on Ethical Reporting on Children in the Media", which the two organizations developed together with the professional guild in 2018:  https://www.unicef.org/bulgaria/en/media/6016/file

Two of the videos are made by the popular presenter and producer at BNT Nadya Obretenova and the co-host is the student with experience in youth media Matey Ivanov. Combining first-person professional and youth perspective on the topic, the videos focus on useful tips for interviews with children and writing stories about them. The third video focuses on the ethical aspects of the photo and video shooting of children and is produced by Fanny Bachvarova, a journalist, and Nikolay Stoykov, a photographer, borh from Motif media.

The videos are available for free use here:

Children and the media – part 1: https://bit.ly/39Ekppe

Children and the media – Part 2: https://bit.ly/39zJge3

Photo and video shooting of children: https://bit.ly/3j8NaxO

In the time of a pandemic, when online education and distance work are also changing the way media newsrooms work, these videos are an important resource for journalists, producers, students in journalism, and people creating content for social media. Especially for those who contact with vulnerable groups of children - living in institutions; victims of violence; children with disabilities; those with refugee status or minority background; children in conflict with the law, etc.

Тo support the efforts not only of the active journalists, but also of the future ones, for a second consecutive year the elective course "Children and the media" is organized, designed for the students of Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski". It is part of the tripartite cooperation between the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication (FJMK), UNICEF and  AEJ-Bulgaria. The course is led by Nadya Obretenova.

Last year, 52 journalists and photographers participated in the trainings on ethical reporting on children in the media, adding up to over 200 trained media professionals from the country who are already aware of the principles set in the Guidebook and apply them in practice. On its pages, one can find information about the legislative framework in Bulgaria, international standards and numerous practical tips for standing up for the best interests of the child, on the one hand, and improving the quality of journalistic materials, on the other hand.

At the end of February, UNICEF and AEJ-Bulgaria – in partnership with university teachers from FJMK – will present a study on the impact of the project for ethical reporting on children in the media on journalists and journalism students. Our common goal is the interaction between more responsible media and more informed young people. 

And since we realize that young people are now not only users, but also creators of content, in 2020, 102 girls and boys from all over the country took part in media literacy trainings under the joint project ‘Teenager Academy: My Right to an Opinion’. Of these, 17 also participated in the first online youth hackathon in Bulgaria ‘Digital Solutions for Media Literacy: My Right to an Opinion’ and presented to institutions, businesses and professionals their solutions to problems related to fake news, cybersecurity, online harassment, ethical reporting of incidents and the right of young people to an opinion: https://www.unicef.org/bulgaria/en/press-releases/media-literacy-teenagers-present-their-solutions. Some of the digital solutions offered by the young people will be implemented with the support of UNICEF and AEJ-Bulgaria in the coming months.

Both organizations will present to the leading media and the responsible institutions what has been achieved so far and the resources for free use, because the goal is to support the guild in its public mission to reflect the views, problems, dreams and solutions of children and young people in Bulgaria with the necessary understanding and with the intention of building a more informed, motivated, empowered and active society.

For more information:  
Kamelia Ivanova, journalist and co-founder of AEJ-Bulgaria 
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