Students’ Attitudes And Dreams Of The Future: Education, Family, Work

Summary Report with Key Outcomes of a sociological survey

Момичета и момчета - ученици обсъждат бъдещето си - работа, мечти, образование
UNICEF Bulgaria/2013/Pirozzi


Thе survey entitled „Students’ attitudes and dreams of the future: education, family, work“ was conducted by UNICEF Bulgaria in Shumen district addressed the need to assess respondents’ views about the future. The study is focused on the correlation between target group's attitudes to education, professional career and preferred age to start a family. 

This brief report includes the key conclusions and trends established by the survey and presented at a regional meeting in Shumen in April 2018. The summarized data and recommendations have been used at both local and national level for the purpose of putting together adequate models for prevention of child marriages and early pregnancies in community work, access to justice and protection, education, social and health services; and in the process of advocacy and lobbying.

The Family consultative centres in Shumen and Montana districts, established by the municipal authorities with the support of UNICEF Bulgaria, work for prevention of child marriages and early pregnancies, retention in school and improvement of the education of girls and boys from isolated and vulnerable communities. The Centres are implementing a programme called “Education - Steps to a Successful Start”. The programme goals are:

- To change attitudes and understanding within the community; to create a new value for education at the community level, because there is a pattern - early marriages are related to failure to attend and / or dropping out of school;

- To change attitudes outside the community - teachers, classmates, people living outside the community;

- To increase the number of girls and boys graduating from secondary and vocational qualifications.

Key outcomes of a survey on students' attitudes and dream of the future - education-family-work

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