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Common ground for shared value partnerships with UNICEF

Тийнейджъри представиха свои решения за медийна грамотност
UNICEF Bulgaria/2020/Paleykov


Children have incredible energy, curiosity, an innate sense of justice, and an insatiable appetite for knowledge. They are determined, adventurous and resilient. Given the opportunity, children are the doctors, teachers, inventors and leaders of tomorrow!

Children of today will be running successful businesses and will be leading nations. Yet, at the same time, children can also be among the most marginalized and vulnerable global citizens. It is essential that all global actors, governments, civil societies, communities and the private sector join efforts in protecting children and ensuring they are able to survive and thrive.

When businesses respect and value all stages of childhood, they foster the strength of future generations. However, businesses and other powerful players in society can often disregard children’s issues.

Common ground for shared value partnerships with UNICEF