Implementing the Law on Protective Hearing

The experience of Vitória da Conquista (BA) in implementing the Law on Protective Hearing for children and adolescents


This set of documents demonstrates that an exemplary implementation of Law 13.431/2017, also known as the Law on Protective Hearing, is possible, as long as conditions such as political will and alliance with key stakeholders at the different government levels are met.
The first document of this series offers a contextualized overview of the creation and approval of the Law 13.431/2017 in Brazil, identifying the main milestones and legislation that preceded it globally and in the Brazilian context. It also presents the experience of Vitória da Conquista, in the state of Bahia, Brazil, in implementing the Law, including the path taken, the challenges faced and the solutions identified by the municipality.
Secondly, the Policy Brief describes aspects of the initiatives taken by Vitória da Conquista, which has registered important advances in the implementation of the Law on Protective Hearing.
Thirdly, the Step-by-Step Guide presents the different stages for implementing this Law, based on the experience of Vitória da Conquista and is designed for public policy professionals dedicated to the protection of children and adolescents.

Finally, videos available in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese deal with complementary topics about the implementation of Law 13,431/2017 in the municipality of Vitória da Conquista.

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