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UNICEF Visit Ramoja Junior Secondary School in Moroka

Ramoja Head of Department- Student Welfare, UNICEF Representative Dr. Doreen Mulenga and School Head Mrs. Bupelo Salani discuss some challenges after the school tour.

Botswana, Gaborone, 18 June 2013: UNICEF appreciates the positive steps taken by the government of Botswana in domesticating the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child through enactment of 2009 children’s Act.  Speaking at the national event, UNICEF Representative in Botswana Dr. Doreen Mulenga added that UNICEF has been supporting the government to accelerate its implementation to ensure the full protection of children’s rights and wellbeing as provided in the Convention.

 Dr. Mulenga and her team further explored the lives of children of Moroka beyond the national commemoration events by visiting Ramoja Junior Secondary School in the neighbouring village of Ramokgwebana. Ramoja is a day school that hosts children aged between 12 and 15 years from three villages; Ramokgwebana, Moroka and Jackalas.  The school which is situated approximately 10km from the Zimbabwean border lies at the centre of the three  villages. Children from these villages walk for more than 8 kilometers to and from the school every day. Most of these children are orphans lacking parental care and support. The School Head Mrs. Bupelo Salani is determined to ensure a “holistic” learning environment for her students through effective student centred learning and community development projects”. END




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