Child/Adolescent Protection and Participation

Botswana Parliament discusses the “unfinished” development agenda for children, the implementation of the Children’s Act (2009) and the role of the National Council for Children

Police Officers Train for Child Protection

Ministry of Local Government launches key documents on child welfare/protection with the support of UNICEF

NACA Launches "Wise Up" Campaign

Botswana Juvenile Justice System


The Campaign Theme

The theme of the campaign is: Wise Up!! It was developed based on inputs from young people.

The underlying notion of ‘wise up’ is that young people need to be ‘smarter’ in the world of HIV with their sexuality. It necessitates the need to be ‘aware’ or ‘alert’ to the challenges of HIV in the country. Young people have lots of potentials and supportive environment to help them navigate their world and be free from HIV. They don’t have to allow themselves to be deceived into unprotected sex, or should be deceived by circumstances, feelings into taking risky sexual actions. It is a wakeup call to young people also to contribute to reducing HIV infection in the country hence communicating behaviour change to individual young person. They just need to wise up.





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