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 A. Children in conflict with the law:

Children using drugs:

1. Guidance and counseling should be provided to child offenders.

2. Children are divided on the issue of Corporal punishment; some feel it should be a last resort especially in serious offences while others feel it should be abolished completely.

3. Rehabilitation centre for drug abusers should be build.

Children who rape

1. Guidance and counseling with reality checks in big prisons (for a week).

2. Build children’s prisons according to their age. The situation or influence they were under should play a part when deciding how long they are going to serve their sentence.


Children who are involved in theft

1.  They need guidance & counseling

2.  Parental guidance and control should be provided

3. Corporal punishment as a last resort at the kgotla.

4.  In cases of armed robbery, they should be imprisoned at the school of industries.



Children who murder/ kill

I.            Imprisonment for a maximum 5 years.



B. Meaningful Child participation

1. School

 Children want to be consulted and their views considered on issues relating to:

·   Discipline

·   School development

·   School management

·   School prospectus (what is going to be entailed in the prospectus)

·   Food that they eat at school

·   Fund raising activities that they take part in.




2. Recreational Activities

·   Parents should provide guidance and support in helping children participate in recreational activities that are good for their growth and which they enjoy.



3. Home

·   Children want their views to be considered on issues concerning:

·   change of name

·   consent when they are being taken in for adoption especially informal adoption or foster care.

·   Moving a child from one place to another without their consent is not good.

·   When a single parent marries

·   Meaningful participation starts from the age of 10 depending on revolving capacities of the child and on the issue that the child is being consulted on.

    Age of the child (7 years) to participate in meaningful decision making e.g. separation of siblings, adoption, foster care, divorce cases.

·   Information passed on to the child should serve the best interest of the child.


4. Society/Community

·   Children want to be consulted on community developments, Youth Programmes and issues of discipline.




5. National

·   During formulation of Acts, Policies & Regulations affecting children, children want to be consulted.



C. Children in Protection

Children need to be protected from:

·   Neglect

·   Cruel treatment or punishment

·   Harmful social, cultural and religious practices

Interventions measures

·   Abused children should be rehabilitated.

·   Abusers should be given counseling.

Assistance offered to Abused Children:

·   Caregivers should be trained to care for children

·   Compulsory reporting of abuse cases to:

-the police

-social workers









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