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Thari Ya Bana 2012

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Thari Ya Bana 2012

Background information

Every year, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) is commemorated.  This Convention was adopted by the UN General Assembly in November 1989 and became the most widely and rapidly accepted human rights treaty in history, setting out the civil, political, economic, social, and cultural rights of children. Since 2010, as part of the commemorations, the University of Botswana and UNICEF Botswana have published an annual report entitled ‘Thari Ya Bana–Reflections on Children in Botswana’.

As part of this year’s commemoration, we will be launching the third edition. This year’s commemoration of the CRC will be a breakfast meeting of a wide group of stakeholders taking place on Tuesday 20th November 2012 with a keynote address from Hon. Maxwell Motowane, Assistant Minister of Local Government.

Thari ya Bana is a collection of articles on children’s issues, ranging from child survival and development to child protection and participation, as well as articles on children living with HIV and AIDS and policies focussed on children. Contributors have been drawn from the University of Botswana, UNICEF and a number of other stakeholders. As an annual publication, ‘Thari ya Bana’ will introduce its readers to different topical issues and perspectives relating to children in Botswana. The report will be widely distributed across country via libraries.

Other information:

If you have any questions about ‘Thari ya Bana 2012’ please do not hesitate to contact us.

·         Lesego, UNICEF, Communications Officer, 3951909

·         Susan Kendall, UNICEF, Event Coordinator, 3951909






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