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UNICEF in Botswana



Key Successes

In recent years, the most significant achievements supported by UNICEF have included:


·         The passage of the Children’s Act (2009).

·         In 2010, both the National Children’s Council and the Children’s Consultative Forum began to function and district authorities were oriented.

·         The launch and rapid implementation of the Accelerated Child Survival and Development (ACSD) Strategic Plan, already resulting in high coverage of Vitamin A, the use of zinc in the treatment of diarrhoea and the decision to introduce Hib vaccine as part of the pentavalent vaccine.

·         The dissemination of the results of the Botswana Family Health Survey/ Multiple Indicator Survey (2007).

·         The development of a Social Development Policy Framework included a comprehensive overview of social protection in Botswana and produced policy as well as administrative recommendations.





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