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Bolivia. Household Spending on Education
Research that analyses the behaviour of Bolivian families in terms of how much they spend on their children’s education.

Bolivia. Determining factors in violence against children and adolescents
The document summarises the signs of violence against children adolescents. It uses econometric techniques to detect the main factors that lead to violence, analysing their consequences to the victims, family, economic, social and generational environment

Niñez y Adolescencia en la Prensa Boliviana - Informe Comparativo 2005 - 2006 - Monitoreo
ANNI Bolivia offers an analysis on journalistic coverage of child and adolescent issues in Bolivia’s nine national newspapers.

Thematic Report about Human Development – Children and Adolescents in Bolivia, 4 millions of development actors
Wide and ambitious research, analysis, and proposal of public politics undertaken by the UNDP, UNICEF and Plan International.

Foundations of Intercultural Bilingual Education (IBE)
Self-teaching notebooks.

Multi-grade schools
Self-teaching notebooks

Braking silences.
An approximation to sexual violence and child abuse in Bolivia

Three keys for a fair work in harvest
Guidelines of rules that protect harvest’s workers

Recommendations of the Committee of Children's Rights for Bolivia
The Committee of Children’s Rights assessed the third periodic report on measures adopted by the Bolivian State to make effective the full enforcement of children’s rights.

The borders of abandon.
Series: The Worst Manners of Childhood Work and Violence against Childhood and Adolescence

Adolescent's rights in labour
Adolescents have laboral rights

Against the Trade of Children and Teenagers.
Member of parliament's Handbook N.9, 2005

Friendly School, to learn with joy
Creating a friendly environment in school

Childhood and Adolescence in the Bolivian Press
Annual Report - Monitoring 2004

Child Labour in Bolivia
Characteristics and conditions. A reality that does not belong to children.

Looking for the Light at the End of the Tunnel
Children and adolescents working for the mining industry in Bolivia

Sweet Cane, Bitter Life
Child labour in the sugar cane harvest in Bolivia

Closed Childhood
Sexual, commercial violence against children and adolescents in Bolivia

Master Plan of Operations
Country Programme 2003-2007

Joyful, Liberated, Expressive Children
Description of the achievements, difficulties and future challenges to consolidate this focus as State policy

Educating in the Difference
Criteria and public policies for implementing intercultural bilingual education

Messages to govern
Includes pictures and the National and departmental decalogues

Calendar ABNA 2002
Includes pictures and the National and departmental decalogues



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