Child protection

Child protection

Legal Reforms and Institutional Strengthening Project

Child and Adolescent Participation Project

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Legal Reforms and Institutional Strengthening Project

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The progressive eradication of child labour is an essential point in the political agenda

This project helps to obtain laws and norms to activate national policy, including the Child and Adolescent Code and the National Plan for the Progressive Eradication of Child Labour.

Technical assistance to Congress gives priority to legislation with a gender focus on child trafficking, sexual abuse and exploitation, domestic violence and child workers.

Support for the observance of laws and norms includes training for judges, the police, work inspectors, and government officials in charge of social welfare and child protection services.

The Offices of Municipal Defenders of Children and Adolescents have been extended to cover 90 per cent of all municipalities. Also, these institutions have access to training materials and support in relation to the most delicate themes of protection at the local level.

The initial work carried out by the Government to ensure the universal registry of births has extended and consolidated. The objective is to guarantee availability of free birth certificates, not only for the newly born but also for the over 500,000 children who do not have one at present.



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