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The alphabetization provided by PROANDES has particularly benefitted women

The Andean Programme of Basic Services against Poverty, PROANDES, arose from a Sub-regional Initiative promoted by the UNICEF Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean (TACRO). Its objective: to support Andean countries to reduce the principal manifestations of poverty amongst priority groups of their population. The programme is being implemented in five countries: Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Peru and Bolivia.

PROANDES began implementing actions in Bolivia in 1989. Its principal results are:

Provision of access to water for approximately 214,000 inhabitants.

Provision of basic sanitation for 24,600 inhabitants of Andean and dispersed communities in 20 municipalities.

Implementation of literacy processes which have benefitted 44,000 indigenous farmers, particularly women. Also, almost 4,000 people in this group benefitted with access to community credit systems, through the Qolque Wasi initiative or Community Banks.

Implementation of 270 Wawa Wasi (Children's Homes). These services have provided integrated assistance for children with early assistance, vaccinations, followup on growth, complementary feeding, vitamin A and iodized salt. At the same time, the parents of these children trained in child development. This permitted the extension of assistance for children to their homes, using this means to improve their living conditions.



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