Conference "Right to Inclusive Education"

Immunization and vaccines Q&A (2017)

It's About Ability - Join us!

DevInfo BiH - database system for monitoring human development

Increasing early learning opportunities for children in Bosnia and Herzegovina



Campaign activities

Home visits – key for early identification of child developmental disorders

UNICEF Ambassadors in the campaign “It’s About Ability” dedicated to children with disabilities

UNICEF, USAID and the Delegation of the European Union to BiH launched the Campaign on children with disabilities: It’s About Ability – Join us!

Head Of The EU Delegation To BiH/EUSR, Sorensen, UNICEF Representative In BiH, Bauer and USAID Mission Director, Barth Visited Derventa

It’s About Ability: Children with and without disabilities together in a game with BiH National Football Team

EU, UNICEF and USAID: Children with disabilities have the same rights as all children

Workshops on Integrated Approach to Social Protection and Inclusion of Children

Down Syndrome: Early Detection and Intervention To Be Accessible to All

“Our world of Diversity”: real-life stories on inclusive education

World Autism Awareness Day 2011

Campaign materials (posters)
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