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Pledge - my contribution

Children with disabilities have the same rights and needs as all children. They have the right to survive and thrive, to be included in the lives of their communities and societies, to live healthy
lives and reach their full potential, and to become productive members of their society. However, children with disabilities have too often been invisible in policies, in data, and in societies, increasing their exclusion and contributing to inequity. They often have less access to services and are more likely to be subjected to neglect and abuse. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, 40% of the
population would not allow a child with socio-emotional disabilities to attend the same class with their own child. Almost 60% of the population would not allow their child to marry a person with
physical disability. Over 40% of people think children with disabilities should attend special educational institutions, while only 20% sees the positive developmental impact of inclusion.

By signing this Pledge we commit ourselves to support children with disabilities within our best
capacity, by:

  • Fighting discrimination on the grounds of disability, and helping overcome prejudice
  • Encouraging the participation of children with disabilities into society
  • Involving children with disabilities and their families in making decisions
  • Promoting the early identification of disabilities
  • Ensuring access of children with disabilities to essential services and promoting coordination across social sectors
  • Dismantling all barriers to inclusion
  • Preventing separation of children from their families
  • Supporting families through social policies, benefits, subsidies and services
  • Promoting day-care services for children with disabilities
  • Expanding opportunities for children with disabilities to reach their full potential
  • Mainstreaming the rights of children with disabilities into all policies and programmes
  • Seeing strength, love, friendship, abilities and children before we see disability.





Pledge: It's About Ability - Join us!

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