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Social Protection

The social protection systems in BiH foresee that for a certain degree of disability children and adults receive some social benefits in the form of monetary compensations. However, due to the complex political environment and the highly fragmented administrative structure of BiH, the social protection of children and their families in BiH is implemented through two separate entity systems and cantonal systems (for the Federation of BiH), with different institutions and legislations. Accordingly, individuals receive different monetary compensations throughout the country, even if they are diagnosed with the same degree of disability. Additionally, the level of protection varies depending on whether the disability is related to war or to an accident, illness or existing since birth resulting in unequal and lesser protection being provided to the latter.
In this context, it is necessary to ensure some level of harmonisation of social protection systems and policies in order to ensure equal access to benefits to all persons with disabilities. The social protection schemes should be harmonized throughout the country to eliminate regional inequalities and to ensure that benefits are based on the level of disability rather than its underlying cause. More efforts should also be made to improve data collection on people with disabilities, especially children, and enhancing the effectiveness of the coordination mechanisms centred on disability issues.
Some of these interventions are already being undertaken under the Project on Social Protection and Inclusion Systems (SPIS), supported by the European Commission and implemented by UNICEF and relevant Government authorities in BiH, and by the World Bank.





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