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Real lives


Short story on puppets who save children’s lives

© Matthew Bolton for UNICEF Bosnia and Herzegovina
These funny looking foam puppets actually save lives

When she first heard about puppet shows raising children’s awareness of landmines, the vice-principal of a village school in Lopare, northeastern Bosnia was rather skeptical.  How could such important topics be taught by funny looking foam toys?

Imagine their surprise then, when staff of the Genesis Project, a local organization sponsored by UNICEF which writes and performs these puppet plays, visited her office and found her breaking down in tears, thanking them for saving the lives of her own children, who attend the same school.

The woman related how a few months after the performance, her boy and girl had, without permission, visited the home the family had been driven from during the war. Exploring around the now destroyed house, the two youngsters, spotted a mine.

Freezing in her tracks, the daughter told her younger brother everything she had heard in the Genesis Project presentation.  They then acted exactly as the characters in the puppet show had instructed them to do, and no one was hurt.

As the Lopare vice-principal discovered, those funny looking foam puppets actually save lives.

By Matthew Bolton for the UNICEF Bosnia and Herzegovina



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