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Advocacy and Promotion of Child Rights

A very important component of the work within the SPIS programme is the advocacy and promotion of the child rights, promotion of their needs, wishes and requirements with active participation of children in many promotional and advocacy activities.
These activities within SPIS programme from 2009 to 2011 were following: celebration of Anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child; the Wall of Children’s Wishes; Kid’s Festival; Facebook and website as well as many other events that promote and advocate child rights. In year 2011, the activities were extended to the One Minute Junior Movies; the workshops on child rights, social inclusion, peace building and inter-cultural education/dialogue etc.

The Wall of Children’s Wishes presents a concept that allows children to write what are their needs in order to achieve their rights. At the beginning, the Wall of Children’s Wishes were collected in ten SPIS targeted municipalities. Later, the Wall of Children’s Wishes was transferred into virtual world and placed on Internet and thus accessible to bigger number of children in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The web site and the Facebook account “Zid djecijih zelja” promote the Wall of Children’s Wishes and the SPIS activities in general. The web-based platforms provide an opportunity for children from different regions in the country to interact and express their views, needs and wishes. They are also used to promote inclusion and active participation of children in advocacy for social protection, inclusion and child rights.





Zagovaranje i promocija prava djeteta


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