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Social Protection and Inclusion

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Data collection. The social protection and inclusion system for children has to rely on the accurate and updated data that serve as the basis for planning, programming and budgeting for children. SPIS programme introduces the targeted municipalities with the DevInfo database software, train the professionals in database usage and support municipalities to set up the system for collection and usage the data on children through the DevInfo data base.  Besides, through SPIS programme a NGO Network ensures the child rights implementation at the local level through regular monitoring and reporting. The municipal professionals are also trained in the evidence based planning, statistics, research and analytical methods, budgeting for children and other relevant fields that relays on accurate and updated data.

Best start for Every Child. Following the philosophy of improving and integrating social sector to offer child-friendly services to children and families, "Best Start for Every Child" SPIS programme introduces the establishment of Integrated Early Childhood Development Centres (IECD Centres).

Capacity Building. SPIS programme’s overall objective emphasizes the importance of strengthening the capacities not only of professionals providing the social protection and inclusion services than as well of those dealing with planning and budgeting of these services.Through the SPIS programme decision makers and service providers have opportunity to improve current and gain new knowledge and skills in the areas such as: human rights’ and needs’ based programming and planning; budgeting for children; statistics; project design, monitoring and evaluation; partnership building within the community; child friendly school concept and practice; inclusive education; service oriented trainings; communication and many others.


Data Collection

Best Start for Every Child

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