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Social Protection and Inclusion

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Since the beginning, in the implementation of SPIS Programme have been involved many governmental and non-governmental partners: 

• Ministry of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina;
• Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees of Bosnia and Herzegovina;
• Directorate for Economic Planning of Bosnia and Herzegovina;
• Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of the Republika Srpska;
• Federal Ministry of Health;
• Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Policy;
• Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republika Srpska;
• Federal Ministry of Education and Science;
• BiH Statistics Agency;
• Statistical Institutes of the RS and the FBiH;
• Ministries of Justice,BiH, RS, FBiH;
• Brcko District Government;
• Cantonal social sector ministries;

• Local institutions of social protection and inclusion of children (Centres for Social Work/Departments for Social Welfare, pre-school institutions, primary and secondary schools, Health Care Centres, clinics, police stations, municipal courts, nongovernmental profitable or non-profitable organizations and others );

• Specialized and civil society organizations such as IBHI (Inicijativa za bolju i humaniju inkluziju), Step by Step, Duga, Nasa Djeca, Zdravo da ste, Svjetionik, Genesis project, Let’s Be Active, IBFAN, Media Initiatives, Via Kult (Kid’s Festival), INNOVA Management Consulting, and International CSOs such as Save the Children and other UN agencies active in the country.








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