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The SPIS programme was developed in close cooperation between national and local partners, with leadership by the governmental counterparts and UNICEF. The overall coordination and management of the SPIS programme is in hands of SPIS Management Board (SPIS MB). The Chair of SPIS Management Board is Minister of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Other members of SPIS Management Board are the Minister for Human Rights and Refugees, the Director of the Directorate for Economic Planning of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Minister of Health and Social Welfare of the RS, the Minister of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, the Head of the Department for Health and Other Services of Brcko District and the Representative of UNICEF BiH. All the decisions of SPIS Management Board are made based on the consensus.
The representative of EU Delegation in Bosnia and Herzegovina participates in the work of SPIS Management Board as the observer.

SPIS Management Board meets quarterly in order to approve the overall guiding principles for the implementation of SPIS programme, including the programme plans and documents. The representatives of SPIS Management Board provide their professional assistance and guidelines for the successful programme implementation and monitoring of the achievements. SPIS Management Board ensures the information flow and coordination of the activities at the state, entity and District Brcko level. The monitoring of the SPIS programme implementation is performed by SPIS Management Board on behalf of BiH Governments.  Each year, SPIS Management Board submits the Annual Report to the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina for the adoption. 





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