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Programme Summary (III Phase)

The Programme for Enhancing the Social Protection and Inclusion System for Children in BiH (the SPIS programme) is a multi-year, interdisciplinary programme supporting the pre-accession efforts of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) in the field of social protection, social inclusion and child rights. The Programme overall objective is to improve the social protection and inclusion systems at all levels of governance through strengthening the SPIS policy framework and capacities of social service providers, in particular to apply needs based and human rights based approach. The main target groups are policy makers and professionals accountable for the reform of the social protection systems, as well as vulnerable groups of children and their families.

The SPIS programme has been implemented since 2008 in whole Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the special focus on targeted municipalities.

The phase III of the SPIS programme focuses on the strengthening the capacities of service providers and officials at all levels in policy and programme planning in order to develop social protection and inclusion models. The aim is to enhance the social protection and inclusion of vulnerable children and their families through development and provision of prompt, quality and accessible services at all levels, especially at the municipal. It is expected that the SPIS programme will support at least 5,000 children and their parents through the improved existing and newly developed services.

At the same time, the Programme will contribute to the capacity development of all stakeholders, supporting the decision makers and professionals at all levels of governance to plan and develop programmes and budgets for social protection and inclusion sector that solely responds on the needs of the socially excluded children and their families.





Sažetak (III faza SPIS programa)


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