Social Protection and Inclusion

Social Protection and Inclusion

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Social Protection and Inclusion Systems for Children

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Newsletter 2012

Analysis of Functions in the Child Protection Sector

Study of the situation of vulnerable groups of children and policy framework and strategies

Study on Perceptions, Attitudes and Requirements of Service Beneficiaries and Perceptions, Attitudes and Practice of Service Providers

The SPIS Municipal Implementation Model

Strengthening Child-Sensitive Integrated Social Protection and Inclusion System at Municipal Level – Lessons Learnt from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Our World of Diversity (Stories on Inclusive Education)

Early Childhood Development Policy (Federation BiH) - local language

Early Childhood Development Policy (Republika Srpska) - local language

Action Plan for Children BiH 2011-2014

NGO Report on Monitoring the Rights of the Child at the Local Level (March 2011)

Children and Media - Annual Review 2010

SPIS Newsletters - local language

Newsletter October 2012







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