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Norway signs agreement with UNICEF supporting the BiH Social Protection and Inclusion System for Children

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Sarajevo, 14 June 2007 –The Government of Norway and UNICEF signed an agreement committing NOK 2,500,000 (approx. 600,000 BAM) in funding for a new UNICEF-supported project “Enhancing the Social Protection and Inclusion System for Children in Bosnia and Herzegovina”. This is a one-year contribution to a three-year programme supporting the country’s pre-accession efforts in the field of social protection and child rights; commitments from DFID and the European Commission are planned as well. 

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UNICEF’s primary partner in this project is the BiH Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees, which has a coordinating role among state, cantonal and entity line ministries responsible for social protection, including health, education and human/child rights. The project was developed over the last year in full consultation with a significant number of national and international partners, and drawing on 15 years’ of UNICEF experience working with socially excluded children in this country.

The project will have its inception workshop in Neum from 18 to 20 June, with the participation of a large number of partners from government institutions, Ministries, NGOs, media and experts in social inclusion and child rights.

UNICEF’s Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ms June Kunugi said: “While aspects of social protection are administered through different government sectors, including health and education, the human rights principle of non-discrimination sharpens our focus on excluded groups so that the rights of the most disadvantaged children are protected and fulfilled.”

UNICEF defines “Social protection” as the sub-set of public actions – carried out by the state or privately – that address risk, vulnerability and chronic poverty.  Social inclusion is a process that ensures that those at risk of poverty and social exclusion gain the opportunities and resources necessary to participate fully in economic, social and cultural life and enjoy a standard of well-being that is considered normal in the society in which they life. 

As a pre-accession country, Bosnia and Herzegovina will need to strengthen the ability for all citizens to enjoy the benefits of economic integration and growth based on an understanding of the multidimensional character of poverty and a commitment to ensuring social inclusion.





Enhancing the Social Protection and Inclusion System for Children in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Preparatory Workshop
Neum, 18-20 June 2007 (minutes)

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