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Professionals are preparing for clear and coordinated communication on Avian Influenza


Regular working meeting of the extended Avian Influenza Communication Working Group, hosted by Public Health Institute (PHI) of the Federation BIH was held 01 February 2007.
The participants were representatives from entity, cantonal and regional PHIs, State veterinary office, local veterinary services from across the country, representatives from the ministry of education, media and external consultants for communication strategy.


Participants discussed about the knowledge-attitudes-practices survey and focus groups results. The common conclusion was that all professionals are now more ready to provide basic information to the families, than in the time when the survey was done. However, health professionals expressed their willingness to continue learning, not only about the AI prevention and treatment, but also about effective communication to the risk groups.

The conclusion that the major part of the population gets health-related information from the media, was reiterated.

Materials produced for field (front-line) workers, children and general population, as well as WHO guidelines for communication during an outbreak will be distributed through health and veterinary field services.

All participants complimented the initiative to organize this meeting, as a part of a continuous capacity building of national structures for communication during an influenza outbreak. In their feedback forms, a great majority replied that they have much clearer idea about their role in the communications chain and communications strategy.

The representatives of the two entity PHIs expressed their satisfaction with collaboration with UNICEF, as well as their interest to continue the implementation of the project with focus on high risk groups, journalists and education system.



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