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UNICEF participates at Sarajevo Film Festival’s Family Day


The rain did not prevent thousands of children and their parents from attending Family Day, the Festival’s unique day-long event, in the beautiful setting of the Vilsonovo Promenade. The event was organized as a result of cooperation between the Sarajevo Film Festival (SFF) and the Novo Sarajevo Municipality. UNICEF decided to support this event as it was a unique opportunity to promote child rights and hygiene for prevention of Avian Influenza.

Two volunteers with experience in working with UNICEF’s NGO partners spent the day talking to children and distributing printed materials designed specifically for children. AI prevention messages included, “Wash your hands regularly” and “If you see a dead bird, call your teacher”, as well as other statements designed in rhymes and accompanied with child-friendly photos. A child rights poster that can also be used by children to remember their agenda of school classes was given to those children that showed some interest and knowledge about child rights. For young parents, UNICEF prepared an illustrated bookmark named, “learning begins with birth” that included simple advice for parents on how to secure a good start for learning in early ages.


Visitors enjoyed a day-long programme of games and educative workshops for children. They also had an opportunity to meet celebrities and to have fun in the many pavilions set up in all corners of the Promenade.

In addition to Family Day, the Festival’s Children’s programme agreed to show the UNICEF’s video clip with eight celebrities, produced for the campaign ‘Unite for Children, Unite against AIDS’, before every film screening during the eight days of the Festival. Leaving the movie theaters in four locations, visitors where given UNICEF’s Avian Influenza prevention leaflets for children, thanks to SFF partners and UNICEF’s volunteers.

The visitors were not only from Sarajevo but also from various parts of BIH, who either came on their own, attracted by the program of the Family Day, or with several organized bus tours. 
The SFF’s Family Day was inspired by a similar event that takes place every year during the Tribeca Film Festival in New York. Family Day is a day devoted to families, aimed at reaffirming the somewhat forgotten values of the family





Child-friendly Bird Flu leaflet

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Child rights in child-friendly language

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Early start bookmark

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