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Trafficked children

© Anthony Asael/UNICEF BiH

Research on the situation of child victims of trafficking for commercial sexual exploitation or begging indicate the prevalence of trafficking in children in BiH and the inadequacy of response mechanisms. According to the research conducted by UNICEF and Save the Children Norway in 2003, data gained from police stations, border services, MOI and local NGOs, have shown that all of them identified between 100 and 150 children – victims of trafficking with a purpose of sexual abuse. Half of those children came from BiH. Most of them are older than 14 years of age, and only a few are 10 or younger.

Although is extremely difficult to get accurate data on internal trafficking, various sources including NGOs, report an increase of internal trafficking in BIH. An UNOHCHR report points out problems in identifying and assisting victims who are citizens of BiH, because all the measures for protection adopted so far have only been for foreigners. The limitations of the protection measures also make it difficult to identify trafficking victims who are exploited for purposes other than sex, for example children trafficked for the purpose of forced begging. The proportion of victims who are under 18 years of age is not growing, according to NGOs, although the majority of women are underage when trafficked.





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