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Children victims of violence and abuse

© Anthony Asael/UNICEF BiH

While authoritative data on violence against children doesn’t exist, available statistics from official sources are unlikely to capture the extent of this 'invisible' form of violence.  There is in general lack of sensitivity and awareness around issues of violence and abuse, especially when it happens within the family, which also results in lack of reporting and information and data about abuse and violence.

In June 2005, Bosnia and Herzegovina submitted its report as response to UN Global Study on Violence, a study that involved more than 120 countries. Data on violence and abuse against children presented in the report are mainly derived from the NGO reports. As an example, one shelter for women and children victims of violence in the period from 2000 to 2004 received 254 children, age 1 to 18. The forms of child abuse were: emotional 78, 74%, neglect 66,92%, physical 59,05% and sexual 0,39% (one child).







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