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Children’s Right to Education is not a Political Issue

Sarajevo, 20. August 2015. - UNICEF repeats the call for the urgent resolution to the recent controversy concerning the name of the languages taught in schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
UNICEF welcomes the efforts of the Ministry of Civil Affairs in organizing a meeting of the Conference of Ministers of Education in Bosnia and Herzegovina and respects the Conference as an important co-ordination mechanism to address education reform issues.

UNICEF welcomes the conclusion from the 29 July meeting in which the Conference of Ministers of Education: “Appeals to education authorities in BiH to take necessary actions, and in their areas of responsibility and at their earliest convenience, contribute to creation of environment respectful of human rights, freedoms and individual needs of every student, his or her cultural and national identify, language and religion, without discrimination in their access to education or their participation in educational process based on their race, color, gender, language, religion, political or other opinion, ethnic or social background or on any other grounds – as stipulated by the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina and other international human rights documents ratified by BiH.”

Having in mind that the school year will begin in just a few days and that satisfactory solutions are not found, UNICEF wants to remind the education authorities that, although the official languages and their use are not expressly regulated in the BiH Constitution, it is a fact that the BiH Constitution is part of an international agreement (GFAP) which was signed in four languages, including Bosnian.

Respecting a child’s right to education has great importance for their futures as well as for the development of their communities and society. Right to education is not a political issue. UNICEF would once again call on the concerned authorities to find the solution for the use of official language in education as a matter of top priority. This would ensure the respect of the best interest of the child, as Bosnia and Herzegovina committed as a Party to the Convention on the Rights of the Child.






Pravo djece na obrazovanje nije političko pitanje



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