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December 3, International Day of Persons with Disabilities: Premiere of the Feature-Documentary Film “Loveday at the Magic Island”

(Sarajevo, 3 December, 2014) On the occasion of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, the premiere of the feature – documentary “Loveday at the Magic Island” was held in the full hall of Dom mladih in Sarajevo. The authors of the film are children, participants of inclusive Workshop of Creativity and Imagination Mali Magacin Kabare”. The Workshop “Spread the Love” is a part of the campaign “It’s About Ability” implemented by UNICEF together with the local partners and with the support of USAID and European Union Delegation in BiH.

This Workshop is an example how each child can express creativity and contribute to the realization of one project.

In the past seven months, children with and without disabilities from: Center for Blind and Visually Challenged Children, Association "Sun" from East Sarajevo, Primary School Ilijaš, P.S. Fatima Gunic, P.S. Mula Mustafa Bašeskije – Sedrenik area, P.S. Kovačići, P.S, Grbavica 1, Association "Oasis" and P.S. Skender Kulenovic, every weekend have worked very hard to develop a scenario, create their characters, and learn the secrets of film and music production from the team of educators from Mali Magacin Kabare and guest lecturers, BiH film and music professionals.

The premiere of the film is one of the events aimed at closure of the campaign “It’s About Ability – Join us” whose main idea was to emphasize that every human being deserves equal dignity, respect and opportunities. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, children with disabilities are among the most marginalized and excluded groups of children. There are still significant discrepancies particularly in rural and remote areas where poverty and inequality has high rate. A lasting solution can only be achieved by improving knowledge and changing attitudes, and practices of the general population towards children with disabilities and their families.

At this occasion, UNICEF Representative in BiH dr. Ayman Abulaban said: “Most importantly, the campaign is changing the lives of children with disabilities and their peers.If not already, I believe after this evening, you will be as much convinced as we are. You will see what the story on ability is about. It is about love, friendship, enabling environment, support, trust and motivation. It is about our children who have the rights to all of these. Join us in making this happen.”

“Thousands of kids were included into this campaign and hopefully many came out of hidden corners they were before. We reached more than half a million citizens of BiH through social media, billboards, TV programs and movies. Kids with disabilities proved to be able to learn, to be an actor, fashion model, musician and poet, they are able to do anything they want to be.“, said David Barth, Director of the USAID Mission to BiH.

At the end, in the name of European Union Delegation in BiH, Massimo Mina, Head of Operations Section for the Social Development, Civil Society and Cross-border Cooperation, in his address said: “"I am very pleased to be part of this great event today, and to have the opportunity to emphasize the importance of the wellbeing of children and, in particular, children with disabilities. The EU and its Delegation here in BiH will continue to work on this important issue and provide assistance, not just through the Social Protection and Social Inclusion programme implemented by UNICEF and funded by us since 2008, but by also by participating in and supporting initiatives and events such as this one. I hope that our joint work will result in better well-being of all children in BiH, future citizens of the European Union, who should have the opportunity to enjoy life without borders, separation or discrimination."

UNICEF, USAID and the EU will continue with joint efforts aimed at assistance to Bosnia and Herzegovina to make effective legislative framework for the protection of the rights of children with disabilities, startup of the programmes and services for support of the children with disabilities and their families on both local and state level. Additionally these three International Institutions will continue advocate for braking down stereotypes, fight against stigmatization, and will encourage change in attitudes towards any kind of disability.






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