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Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices Survey on Early Childhood Education and Development

The Knowledge, Attitudes and Practice (KAP) Survey on Early Childhood Education and Development in Selected Municipalities in BiH was conducted for the purposes of the project Increasing Early Learning Opportunities for Children in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The findings of this survey will be used in the development of the Communication Strategy for Development. The findings will serve as a basis for identifying key messages, communication channels, and adapting communication activities to target groups. Also, they will support the planning of activities to be carried out by UNICEF in collaboration with the government, as part of the Dubai Cares project.

The project Increasing Early Learning Opportunities for Children in Bosnia and Herzegovina is conducted in partnership between UNICEF, the Ministry of Civil Affairs of BiH, the Federal Ministry of Education and Science of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republika Srpska, with the support of the Dubai Cares Foundation.

In addition to improving preschool attendance rates, the Project aims at raising public awareness about the importance of early childhood education for children’s development, especially for socially excluded groups (Roma children and children with developmental disabilities).

The survey was conducted on a sample of 1,635 households with preschool-aged children in 45 project municipalities and 10 control municipalities which will serve as a control group. Approximately 8 per cent of the sample households are parents of Roma ethnicity, and about 7 per cent are parents of children with developmental disabilities.






You can read or download the final report HERE


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