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UNICEF and Federal Ministry of Education and Science: Joint Advocacy for Better Access to Preschool

Aiming at improving access to preschool for all children in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Federal Minister of Education and Science Damir Masic and UNICEF Representative Florence Bauer started a series of meetings with responsible cantonal authorities.

First meeting was held on 18. June in Orasje with the Cantonal Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports in Posavina Canton, Ivo Jelusic.  UNICEF will provide support to Posavina Canton as part of a partnership with Dubai Cares in order to scale up quality preschool services aiming towards universal access to preschool education.
“Like in the rest of the country, Posavina Canton has less than 20% of children enrolled in preschool. UNICEF advocates and supports the country to increase access to preschool education and, herewith, enable children to achieve better results in school and throughout their lives. Parents also gain from preschool education as they have more time to engage in other activities facilitating their employment. Preschool education is therefore a relatively low-cost intervention which provides excellent return, not only in education but also from an economic point of view.” – stressed Florence Bauer on this occasion.” – stressed Florence Bauer on this occasion.

"It has been proven that children who attend preschool much easier face the challenges later during their education.  This visit is a continuation of activities undertaken in partnership with UNICEF to increase the access to preschool, including the recent International Conference on Preschool. Federal ministry of education and science is trying to mobilize the greater support among all levels of the government for an improved access to preschool education. Children deserve the best we can provide then and it is our responsibility to provide it, for the best start in life for every child” – said Federal Minister of Education and Science Damir Masic.

UNICEF Representative also met with the Minister of Health, Labor and Social Policy in Posavina Canton, Blaz Zuparic to discuss how to improve social protection and inclusion of children with disabilities and prevention of placement of children in institutions, whenever possible.  The first joint activity in this canton will be on early detection of developmental delays, as a part of a larger project aimed at improving early childhood development, supported by the Dubai Cares.
In the following period, similar meetings are planned with relevant representatives in other cantons in the Federation.  Advocacy and coordinated multi-sectoral approach is necessary in order to improve preschool enrollment, given the divided responsibilities for preschool education between municipalities, cantons and entity ministries.  At the moment, Bosnia and Herzegovina has only 13% of children enrolled in some form of preschool education, comparing to around 50% in neighboring countries and almost universal coverage in several EU Member States.





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