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Daycare Center for Children with Special Needs opens in Derventa

The Daycare Center for Children and Youth with Special Needs was opened in the building of the Institute for the Blind and Visually Impaired Budućnost  in Derventa with the support of the local community and the Government of the Republika Srpska. This Daycare Center is a specially tailored project within the Program Enhancing the Social Protection and Inclusion System for Children in Bosnia and Herzegovina (SPIS), supported by the UNICEF and the EU.

„This Daycare Center is a result of cooperation between the Association of Parents of Children with Special Needs Sunce, as a non-governmental organization, the Institute, as a governmental institution, and the local community. Our Municipal Board identified the children with special needs as one of the priorities and proposed the Daycare Center as a specially focused project within the SPIS programme.  Today’s opening of the Center represents the fruition of that cooperation”, said Vladan Popović, the Director of the Institute Budućnost and a member of the SPIS Municipal Steering Board on the occasion of the opening of the Center.

“We, the parents of children with special needs, have long waited for this center. It is much needed and of great importance for us. Our children will be provided with the professional care they need in this center, while parents will be given the opportunity to work”, said Tatjana Spasojević, the Head of the Association Sunce. 
Ljubo Lepir, the Assistant Minister of Health and Social Welfare of the Republika Srpska, stated on the occasion of the opening of the Center that the provision of day care will have a great impact on the realization of children with disabilities’ rights in the community.
„Thanks to UNICEF’s efforts, the Mayor, the local community and the governmental support, we have this center today. I expect that the Government will  support at least 20 similar centers in the Republika Srpska in the future, which is also  one of its obligations under the new Law on Social Protection“, stated Mr Lepir. 
The future beneficiaries of the Center prepared a performance to express their gratitude for having been given this place where they can spend their days in creative activities. Danijel, Željana and Željko recited poems, while Kristina sang a song „Gdje si bilo jare moje“.

„This looks great to me. We’ll know more about how much we like it after the center begins its work“, said Željana following her performance. Željana's mother, Mira Tatomir, shared with us her view on the center as a great opportunity for both the children and the parents.
„I was employed until 1992, after which I dedicated all of my time to Željana, her medical treatment and care. I could not spare any time for work. This center was long needed. I hope that now, finally, I will be able to go back to work “, said Mira Tatomir. Radmila Šainović, mother of a boy Nikola, shared similar views. She told us that the center would play an important role in the life of parents and children with special needs.

Enhancing the Social Protection and Inclusion System for Children in Bosnia and Herzegovina is a joint project of the EU and UNICEF.  The EU has been financing this Project since 2008 from the IPA funds in the amount of 4.1 million Euros. The purpose of the Project is to facilitate the development of the system which will provide for an adequate social protection policy and social protection and inclusion of children and their families.





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