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Two-Day Seminar “Education in Emergencies”

A two day seminar/workshop about education in emergencies was held in Sarajevo on 20 and 21 September.

The seminar was organized by the Ministry of Security and Ministry of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina with the support of UNICEF and Save the Children.  
The seminar was attended by representatives of Entity and Cantonal Ministries of Education, Education Department of the Brčko District, Entity administrations of civil defense, Public Safety Department of the Brčko District and representatives of other organizations and institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 
International standards in the field, emergency scenarios such as floods, fires etc. and the effects of emergencies on children and youth and coordination of education in such situations were discussed at the two-day seminar. 

UNICEF BiH Deputy Representative, Ms. Anne-Claire Dufay, underlined the importance of preventive action to reduce risks of natural disasters and other emergencies and effects thereof on the education system. “It is common knowledge that children are particularly vulnerable in emergencies and require special protection. Schools and kindergartens provide special protection and the sense of normality to children. It is therefore necessary to prevent interruptions in education in case of crisis” said Ms. Dufay. 
UNICEF will continue providing support to relevant institutions in order to facilitate the development of a child-centered response to crises and emergencies. In addition to promoting risk prevention and safe conduct in case of disasters, UNICEF will support the development of prevention plans in selected municipalities in the forthcoming period in order to reduce risks for children and their families.





Dvodnevni seminar „Obrazovanje u kriznim situacijama“


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