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UNICEF Ambassador for Bosnia and Herzegovina Edin Dzeko visiting children in Jajce and Gornji Vakuf/Uskoplje

Sarajevo, 21.6.2012. – Edin Dzeko, well-known football player of Bosnia and Herzegovina National Team and Manchester City striker is playing today his role as UNICEF Ambassador for Bosnia and Herzegovina, advocating for children’s rights in his native country.

In his second field visit, UNICEF ambassador visited a kindergarten in Jajce and participate in joint activities in primary schools in Jajce and Gornji Vakuf which function with both Bosnian and Croat curricula.

The main messages that Edin Dzeko wanted to pass to the children are related to promoting positive values, learning and respecting differences and participation and cooperating among young people. “Most of the positive spirit in Bosnia and Herzegovina comes from young people. I am proud to be seen as a role model because my success was based on hard work, tolerance and solidarity with the ones that need our support and that are often invisible.” – stated Edin Dzeko.

Given his positive image and respected voice, among children and adults, Edin Dzeko will invite parents and communities to secure early learning opportunities for every child. His visit to the kindergarten in Jajce will also mark the expected launch of the UNICEF-supported preschool programme for children from rural and Roma communities. “My hope is that every child in my country will have the best opportunity to have the best possible start in life, regardless of their ability, socio-economic status or ethnic origin. I invite local communities to prioritize early childhood education and to learn from good examples to revert the current situation where around 90% of children have no access to preschool education.” – said Edin Dzeko.

Florence Bauer, UNICEF Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina confirmed the appreciation for Edin Dzeko’s engagement in promoting values he shares with UNICEF. “Together with Edin Dzeko, UNICEF is committed to promote children’s rights. In the current context of global crisis and shared concerns about the socio-economic situation, it is important to keep children as a priority and to make sure their well-being is not compromised.” – said Ms Bauer.

During his visit to the elementary school of Gornji Vakuf Edin participated in a discussion with young activists from two elementary schools in this municipality who are working on improving children’s rights in their communities, as an example of youth participation. Members of the Municipal Management Board for social protection of children were also present to inform UNICEF ambassador about the situation of vulnerable families and share what they are doing to promote social protection in their communities. These initiatives are part of the EU-funded programme to enhance the social protection and inclusion of children in BiH (SPIS).





UNICEF-ov ambasador za Bosnu i Hercegovinu Edin Džeko uposjeti djeci u Jajcu i Gornjem Vakufu/Uskoplju


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