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Empowered young people, a generator of positive change in BiH

Sarajevo, 21 June, 2012: Two events supported by UNICEF within the MDGF Youth Employability and Retention Programme (YERP), which is funded by the Government of Spain, placed the empowerment of youth in the public focus on the occasion of the World Refugee Day.

The day started with an event organized by the Union for sustainable return and integration in BiH (UNIJA), in which young people from different parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina discussed about the benefits they gained by participating in trainings on life skills and key competences for the labor market.

As some of the participants indicated, these trainings enabled them to improve their skills of self-presentation, public speaking and business plan development. These trainings reached over a thousand young people mainly in rural refugee and returnee areas. In the meantime around 60 of them already managed to find a job.

“I am sure, the way I wrote my CV attracted my current employer”, said one of them. “I think this training is exactly about the skills we were not able to develop through formal education, such as public speaking and appearance”, added a young refugee from Srebrenica, who will use some of the newly acquired skills in his future profession of teacher.

Ms. Florence Bauer, UNICEF Representative in BiH highlighted the need of institutionalization of these trainings, by incorporating the life skills methodology into the high school curricula. “In the current context of crisis, it is particularly important to have educated young people who are able to present themselves and know how to sell their skills and knowledge to potential employers.” said Ms. Bauer.

Another event, organized by the NGO Youth information agency OIA, gathered around 100 high school students from 17 municipalities of BiH. This was the final phase of “Active Youth” a component of the YERP programme that aims at empowering high school students and promoting their activism.

Young people from high schools were invited to develop an idea to improve their school or community and, were provided with financial support and training. This resulted in 48 very diverse and creative projects ranging from the renovation of school premises and yards, to the organization of cultural events or the development of projects for the protection of the environment as well as activities to support people with disabilities. Besides the financial grants they received to implement their ideas, the students had the opportunity to improve an entire set of competencies and life skills varying from analytical skills, presentation of ideas, team work, research skills, project and event management, presentation and communication skills, which are all very much appreciated and valued by the labor market.

“I am very impressed by the number and diversity of creative ideas you have been able to implement. None of these ideas or projects should be considered as finalized. All initiatives that you developed are important and need to continue in your schools and communities and I am confident that you will be able to build on these experiences. The future of this country is in your hands, and you are showing that you will be able to handle it.” concluded Ms. Bauer. 





Osposobljeni mladi ljudi ljudi - generator pozitivnih promjena u BiH


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