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DevInfo Database to improve evidence-based policy planning

Sarajevo, 18. june 2012. – Today’s presentation of the DevInfo databases for Bosnia and Herzegovina to the decision makers in ministries and government agencies was an opportunity to present and improve the usage of the searchable on-line database in policy development and planning.

“Given the importance of up-to-date information and availability of statistics on human development, it is very promising to see that DevInfo databases are being adopted by the three statistical institutes in Bosnia and Herzegovina to collect, manage and disseminate data. UNICEF and other UN Agencies encourage the use of this on-line available and user-friendly searchable data to facilitate evidence-based policy decision making.” – said Florence Bauer, UNICEF Representative in BiH.

The UN in BiH is promoting DevInfo as a user-friendly tool for monitoring socioeconomic situation and development results and dissemination of important research and data. DevInfo databases contain indicators organized by time periods, geographic areas and sources of data. It has simple and user-friendly features that can be used to produce tables, graphs and maps for inclusion in monitoring and progress reports, presentations and advocacy materials. The software supports both standard and user defined indicators.
The official version of DevInfo BiH has been developed for five sectors: Social Welfare, Demography, Education, Foreign Trade, and Gender (Women and Men). The content of the databases is provided in English, Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian (Cyrillic) languages. The DevInfo BiH 1.0 is available on BHAS website.

Federal Statistical Office and  and Statistical Institute of Republika Srpska made also their relevant databases available on-line, while the work on municipal DevInfo indicators is still on-going, with the pilot 21 municipalities with the intention to expand the same methodology to the whole country.





DevInfo baza podataka u BiH za bolje planiranje humanog razvoja zasnovano na činjenicama


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