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PC Game in the Campaign against Prejudice

The first Bosnian adventure PC game “Searching for the treasure of Bosnia and Herzegovina” promotes cultural and historical heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), but also helps young people to understand diversities and their peers with different ethnic and cultural background. The game is one of the products of the campaign led by UNICEF within the joint “MDGF Culture for Development” programme implemented in partnership with UNDP and UNESCO.

‘’Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country of diversities that have always intertwined here. It is the country of many cultures and vast historical heritage. On the other hand, in war and post-war periods diversities turned into divisions and historical heritage sometimes turned into burden. Putting our heritage to service of development and recognizing its importance for social and economic progress has been a great challenge. This game is one of our joint responses to this challenge,’’ said Nineta Popović, Communication for Development Officer in UNICEF BiH.
The game is a kind of a journey through parts of history, where heroes accidentally engage in adventures they have never dreamed of. Using the knowledge, resourcefulness and perseverance, they get to know the cultural and historical heritage of their country in an unusual, entertaining and sometimes dangerous way. At the end, they find the treasure. The facts in the game are connected by thin but essential threads of fiction, which adds to the dynamics of the adventure. On the other hand, geographical locations, cultural and historical monuments, facts and artifacts, provide the player with an appealing way of learning through playing. As there is an English version, anyone can play the game anywhere in the world and it is the best way to promote Bosnia and Herzegovina as an attractive tourist destination.  “Dealing with history in BiH has proven to be a no easy task. However, I would say that we have succeeded in making a good product which will entertain the population that nowadays uses internet as its main medium. At the same time they will learn about cultural and historical heritage of BiH. The game shows that BiH treasure is not something one can buy or sell on eBay. Rather, the journey through history is the main goal”, says one of the scriptwriters, Mr. Alen Tatić scriptwriter of the game.
A large number of consultants in various fields, from pedagogues to historians, tourism experts and sociologists have been involved in the making of the game. One of them was Marko Antonio Brkić, director of the Inter-Religious Institute of BiH. “The game is a pilgrimage during with which players will be able to identify. It is very important for finding and developing identity. The goal of the game is not just to eliminate prejudice. The game alone cannot do that. However, the game is not limiting. Rather, it encourages and stimulates further advancement through BiH culture and history. Factography is important to us and we used it as a guideline, not as a burden”, says Brkić.
MDGF Culture for Development Program has been jointly implemented by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of BiH, Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republika Srpska, Federation Ministry of Culture and Sports, UNDP, UNESCO and UNICEF since January 2009. The program has been funded by the Government of the Kingdom of Spain from the Millennium Development Goals Fund. The Foundation One World - Platform for Southeast Europe has been engaged for the realization of the PC game.





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