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UNICEF Regional Director meeting with the Federal Prime Minister: Collaboration for advancement of child rights

Social and health protection of children, inclusion, immunization and juvenile justice were the major topics that the Regional Director of UNICEF for Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States, Ms. Marie-Pierre Poirier, and the UNICEF Representative for BiH, Ms. Florence Bauer, discussed with the Federal BiH Prime Minister on 9.March. Mr. Niksic informed the Regional Director about the activities of his Government and the line ministries, especially related to multi sectorial collaboration. 

“In our Government we are committed to place a stronger focus on the issues related to juvenile justice through inter-ministerial cooperation. At the moment, we are dealing with the issue of accommodation of juveniles that have been in conflict with the law and registered as offenders”, said the Prime Minister and and expressed his hopes that the endeavour will improve and accelerate the process of passing the legislation in the field of juvenile justice with UNICEF’s support.    
Ms. Marie-Pierre Poirier said that one of the reasons behind her visit was aimed at finding innovative solutions that could improve child protection not only in BiH but in other countries as well, by implementing the successful models. She offered the Prime Minister all necessary support for the development of projects and for their application for the European Union funding.  

“UNICEF will support and assist your application for the EU funding for all projects contributing to enhanced protection of children in BiH. We are willing to provide you with professional support in the very process of quality project design and in applying for funding. We expect that you also will use your own capacities to ensure resources  for continuation of the project “Enhancing the Social Protection and Inclusion System for Children in BiH (SPIS) that proved to be extremely beneficial to date and it would be a pity not to continue implementing it”, Marie-Pierre Poirier said.





Regionalna direktorica UNICEF-a na sastanku s premijerom FBiH: Saradnja u cilju unapređenja prava djece


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