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Slatina: UNICEF Regional Director opened Regional Center for Early Childhood Development in Laktasi

Laktaši Regional Early Childhood Development Center was opened on 7.March in Slatina local community.

  UNICEF Regional Director for Central and Eastern Europe and Commonwealth of Independent States Marie-Pierre Poirier and Minister of Health and Social Care of Republika Srpska Ranko Škrbić opened the Regional Center in the presence of Minister of Family, Youth and Sports of Republika Srpska Nada Tešanović , representatives of Laktaši Municipality as well as UNICEF BiH representatives.

As a part of the process of developing an innovative model of integrated services for parents and children Laktaši Early Childhood Development Center was opened in Laktaši in 2010 under the UNICEF Project Enhancing Social Protection and Inclusion Sytem (SPIS) and opening the Regional Center in Slatina represents a continued effort on the implementation of equity-based programs focusing on the most vulnerable and marginalized families and children.

“All countries have similar problems, but only some of them have solutions. Our goal is to share examples of good practices among countries, and what I saw during my visit to Laktaši Center appears to have elements that can serve as good practice. I would like to congratulate you and note that you can always count on UNICEF's support”, Marie-Pierre Poirier noted commending the attendance of line ministers, Head of Laktaši Municipality and other child-care stakeholders at the opening event of the Center that is an innovative model in BiH.

Ministar Škrbić announced a new structure of social and health protection in RS municipalities that will involve centers for early childhood development, resembling the one established under the SPIS Project. Municipalities will form municipal boards for health and social policy based on the model of interdepartmental municipal commissions that existed under the SPIS.

“We intend to bring Social Work Centers under the same roof as Health Care Centers and to establish peculiar centers for social and health welfare that will include Mental Health Center, Early Childhood Development Centers and Centers for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention”, Škrbić stated and thanked UNICEF for choosing Laktaši as one of pilot municipalities in SPIS that have proven to be “fertile ground”.

Milovan Topolović, Laktaši Municipality Head noted that the plans included construction of preschool institution that has not been built due to the lack of funds, which is why the opening of this center is particularly important.

“This is a Project that deserves a great attention and great respect. The Center will help us prevent something that could later become a problem for families and broader community. Additionally, it represents a preschool institution model that raises awareness of parents and public about the need for preschool education and extension of its scope”,  Topolović noted.





Slatina: Regionalna direktorica UNICEF-a otvorila područno odjeljenje Centra za rani rast i razvoj Laktaši


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