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Municipalities across BiH adopting action plans to create safe environment and secure justice for every child

Sarajevo, 16th February, 2012 – Bihać is the eight’ Municipality council officially adopting Action plan for the prevention of juvenile offenses and promotion of alternative measures within the Project  “Protection of Children at Risk and Children in Contact with the Justice System in BiH”.  Working groups formed by professionals working with juveniles, and especially those at risk of being and in contact with the law, assessed the situation and based on identified areas of concerns and needs have prepared action plans.  In 2011, municipal assemblies in Bijeljina, Čapljina, Kozarska Dubica, Prijedor, Trebinje, Tuzla  and Zenica, adopted the action plans designed in this way, which represents the support of local community for their implementation. Similar action plan is expected to be adopted in Brčko District.

The project is supported by UNICEF, the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). It is carried out in close collaboration with the Ministries of Human Rights and Refugees, Entity Ministries of Justice and Social Welfare, Municipalities, as well as other relevant institutions, with the support of non-government organizations “Zdravo da ste” from Banja Luka and “Human Rights Office” from Tuzla. Local communities do not hide their satisfaction that these action plans have been adopted.
‘During the beginning of the Plan development in Zenica, by connecting several institutions within Working group four  community service orders have been realized , as an alternative measures to punishing juvenile offenders. Without any problems we have managed to organize that four offenders do 60 working hours for the benefit of the local community, in Home for the Elderly, Institution Dom i porodica and Medica organization’ said Ejaz Šarić from Zenica Social Work Centre.
‘Alternative measures are opportunity for every child who found himself/herself in the situation to do something against the law.  Those children are not born as criminals, most of them are brave when among their friends, but through work with them I can tell that most of them are children who can realize what they have done and with adequate treatment to correct   the mistake. Those children do not do something because they wanted to, but parents who were negligent, or the local community, all of us,’ were the words of Slavica Džaferović, the judge for juveniles in Municipality Court in Zenica, clarifying how alternative measures are envisaged only for offenses for which the penalty is less than three years, and for those who have not been registered as offenders before, giving them second chance that way.
‘Not all activities require money and no one can convince me that with strong will and lot of honest volunteering big improvements cannot be made. The key concept in future implementation of the Action plan should be partnership among us all with useful suggestions,’ said Selver Keleštura, representative of Zenica Municipality and member of Zenica’s work group of the Project.
‘I find it positive that our municipality is committed to new solutions, and will be ready for the adoption of the new Law, for the implementation of which a number of necessary conditions will be created though this plan,’ said Mario Šimović, assistant of Čapljina High School principle and a member of Čapljina municipality’s working group which worked on developing the Action plan for that municipality.
The Action Plans contain a number of activities supporting the application of alternative measures and prevention of juvenile offending, that the members of working groups have acquired through a multidisciplinary approach, taking into account primarily the needs of children in order to create a safer environment for them.
Within the Project “Protection of Children at Risk and Children in Contact with the Justice System in BiH” specially equipped child friendly rooms  suitable for children in contact with the law have been opened in all nine targeted municipalities.





Općinska/opštinska vijeća širom BiH usvajaju akcione planove uz pomoć kojih će kreirati sigurno okruženje i pravdu za svako dijete


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