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New Year’s wishes from ‘The Wall of Children’s Wishes’: ‘If you will not fulfill our wishes, at least listen to them!’

Children from all over the world have different wishes, and year-round, thanks to UNICEF, children from different parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina can write their own wishes and requests on the interactive web page  The end of the year was a chance to summarize everything BiH children wrote during the year. The wishes of children from BiH are modest, more often than not easily fulfilled, but what they mostly want is to be heard.
In addition to web site children could write their wishes with a pencil on a paper Wall of Children’s Wishes and Requests  which, with the help of UNICEF and numerous partners, reached large number of children across the Country. Children wrote wishes and requests, some of which were fulfilled, like the wish of a little girl from Novi Travnik for her little brother to get a hearing aid, which reached the Mayor. UNICEF is entering 2012 with the plan to fulfill a number of new children’s wishes and requests, among others through the project ‘From the Wall of Wishes into Action’ supported by m:tel company, its employees and customers.

While Dino Đulbegović wants the world peace, for all children to be happy and not sad, Almin Kljuno says his wishes are mostly future related: ‘I want to graduate from college, get driving license and live happily with my wife and kids. You cannot make that come true because all of it depends solely on me, but there are some that you can. I’m an excellent student, who wants to get scholarship,’ Almin is realistic and he added that mobile phone and bicycle are also among his wishes.

Matea Bikić says how her biggest wish is for her sick cousin who cannot walk to get better: ‘Despite having many surgeries, she is still bright and happy child. Soon she should start going to first grade in primary school, but she is unable to. Though I have many wishes, only one is the biggest – and that is for my cousin to one day stand on her own two feet,’ Matea wrote on ‘The Wall of Wishes’.

Dada Kršo says how her wish is for hearts of all children to be filled with joy and warmth and for all their wishes to come true, and for every child to have what they need the most – love.
Ajla Arnautović wants all children to be happy, but admits that secretly she wants a laptop: ‘But, I know mom will not buy it for me, because she is studying and paying for her college fees. I cannot wait for my mom to graduate so we can spend more time together. She teaches me and other children to be modest and lot of children love her, she teaches them to write and read, to respect each other. I know that my wish is one thing and reality another. I will always be modest and secretly wish for a laptop, maybe when mom graduates I will get one.’

 The wish signed shortly with S.P. is for all people to start paying more attention to their families and children: ‘Sometimes children’s wishes are very simple, and lots of them are unfulfilled. I wish that all people in the world make at least one person’s wish come true, or if not, to at least pay attention to it and do something to compensate for their neglect of children’s wishes. If someone cannot make wish come true, then at least they should listen to it and say to himself/herself: ‘I will do everything to make this child’s wish come true.’ If things were like this, the world would be a better place.

Among numerous wishes is the one that Nejla Hindić wished, for her father who got job in another town to return to their hometown. Aida Dugalić wished to see her brother who lives in America, lot of children want better treatment for animals, and Kristina Šupić says that she herself fulfills her younger sister’s wishes:
‘Sometimes my little sister asks of me for candies or to take her to the playground. Her wishes are not big. By her example, I know that every child needs it!’





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