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BH Teens: Giving Voice to Young People of Bosnia and Herzegovina

UNICEF Bosnia and Herzegovina supported the production of a TV serial consisting of 30 five-minute episodes featuring young people from various parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina.  In this programme adolescents were given the opportunity to share their views on Future, Education, Social Inclusion, Abilities, Juvenile Justice, Child Rights, Violence, Conflict Resolution, EU, Opportunities, Equity, Health and many more. The serial has been produced in collaboration with Bosnia and Herzegovina Public Broadcasting System Television (BHT1) and Independent NGO for video production “Dokument”.
The serial is a part of the Youth Employment and Retention Programme, supported by the Found for Achievement of the Millennium development Goals (MDGF YERP Programme), marking the International Year of Youth, as response to the UNICEF’s State of the World’s Children Report  2011 Adolescence: Age of Opportunities.

In each of the five-minute episode of this TV serial, high-school pupils discussed one of selected topics, giving them the opportunity to share their views and understanding.  Their answers to the same questions related to the child rights, schooling, professors, teaching methods, teaching schedules, behavior, discrimination, issues within class, friendship, respect, authority, responsibility, transparency, equality, etc provide a vivid picture of young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina, their understanding and attitudes towards specific issues of their concern. 

Young people through their associations comment each of the complex terms. “Life is a short moment when we are present on this world. It should be enjoyed, as long as it would hurt other people.” , is one of their comments on the word “life”. About decisions they say: “it is a moment when we become aware what to do next, how to act”; “we are the creators of our life”, or “we are different and that should be respected, and not expect to be something others want us to be”. Freedom is described as “instead of being forced to study, freedom is the moment when I take the book voluntarily, with my free will”.

After the premiere broadcasting on National TV -- BHT 1 in November and December 2011, TV serial will be share on internet, distributed to young people on DVDs and offered to the local TV stations. It will be an opportunity not only to educate young people, but also to give them an opportunity to meet their peers from different parts of the country and find similarities and bridge the gaps.





BH Teens: Prilika mladima Bosne i Hercegovine da se čuje i njihov stav


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