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Comprehensive survey on the situation of children and women in Bosnia and Herzegovina to start in November

A “Multiple Indicators Cluster Survey – MICS” will be started in November 2011 to obtain information on the situation of children and their families in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). MICS is designed to collect statistically sound and internationally comparable estimates on key indicators in the areas of health, education, child protection and HIV/AIDS. Like in previous editions, the survey will be conducted in the whole country and will be representative of the mainstream population. But for the first time MICS will also include a special component on Roma in order to collect representative data on Roma households in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

UNICEF’s partners in the implementation of this survey are the Ministry for Human Rights and Refugees of BiH, the Federal Ministry of Health (via the Institute for Public Health of the Federation of BiH), the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of Republika Srpska, the Agency for Statistics of BiH, UNFPA and UNHCR.

Interviews will be conducted in November and December with 8600 families in all parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, including 1800 Roma families. UNICEF and its partners rely on full collaboration from all participants in these interviews, as this will provide statistically relevant data that would not be available otherwise.

“It is essential to have good quality information on health, education, protection of children and overall on living conditions in order to be able to design policies and programmes that respond to the real needs of children and their families. This is why I would like to thank in advance all families who will be approached for this survey as their contribution is essential for the outcome of the survey.” – said UNICEF Representative, Florence Bauer. This data will also be useful to respond to media enquiries who are asking for statistical data to illustrate the situation of children and their families in the country.

MICS was originally developed to support countries in measuring progress towards an internationally agreed set of goals that emerged from the 1990 World Summit for Children. The first round of MICS was conducted around 1995 in more than 60 countries. Since then, as part of four survey rounds, almost 230 surveys have been conducted in over 100 countries.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, MICS was first conducted as part of the 2nd global round of surveys (MICS2) in 1999/2000, and for the second time as part of the 3rd round (MICS3) in 2005/06. This will be the third edition but the first one with a special sample on Roma populations.





Sveobuhvatna anketa o stanju i položaju djece i žena u BiH počinje u novembru


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