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"Justice for Every Child" – campaign launched

Sarajevo, 9.6. 2011. - The meeting hosted by Ministry of human rights and refugees and UNICEF marked the beginning of the public information campaign “Justice for Every Child”.
The campaign is the first step to influence, in the long term the public perception about children under risk and children in conflict with the law, but also the way to initiate dialogue within the community towards systemic solutions. 
The conference was opened by the Minister of human rights and refugees, with participation of minister of Justice of the Federation BiH, representative of Ministry of Justice of RS, ambassadors of Sweden and Switzerland as donors, as well as numerous representatives of institutions and organizations supporting this initiative.

„With today’s manifestation, actually promoting the beginning of the campaign “Justice for Every Child” we want to stress the fact that great efforts have been invested into achieving the overall objective of this project, which is  supporting the reform of the juvenile justice system and improving the justice system for children in BiH, in line with international standards.” – said Safet Halilovic, minister for human rights and refugees.

“Justice for every child means in short three “P”s: protect, provide and participate. We have to protect our children from violence, abuse and neglect. We have to provide health, social support and education. Children need to be able to participate in all matters which concern them. Of course, Switzerland, Sweden and UNICEF can only help to share the experience and give support. It is up to Bosnia and Herzegovina to decide and to put into action what is best for the country and – above all – for its children.  Other countries do it and are successful – Bosnia and Herzegovina can do it as well.” -  stressed Andre Schaller Ambassadors of Switzerland in  BiH.

„ As a bilateral donor, as a member of the European Union and as a partner of BiH in many international fora, Sweden continues to assist your country on its way forward. My government and Foreign Minister keeps the future wellbeing of BiH - and the enlargement agenda to include all Western Balkan states in the EU - high on its agenda.” – stated Bosse Hedberg, Ambassador of Sweden in BiH.

The report “Assessment of  Juvenile Justice in Bosnia and Herzegovina” was also presented at today’s event.

"UNICEF, together with SDC and SIDA, support the country to ensure adherence of its juvenile justice system with international standards.  In cases where the juvenile represents a risk for society or for himself and when it is in the best interest of the child, deprivation of liberty can be taken into consideration as a last resort and for the shortest possible period and in conditions which are in accordance with international standards.  It is proven that detention affects the healthy development of children and could lead to recidivism. This is why alternative measures to detention have to be preferred and, in any cases, the focus has to be on rehabilitation and reintegration into society rather than punishment., said Florence Bauer, UNICEfFRepresentative in BiH.

The campaign to raise awareness is an important element in the overall reform of juvenile justice system and strengthening justice for children in BiH. Public information and raising awareness and knowledge among professionals in this area are key prerequisites for the success of the reform. The meeting is a part of the project “Protection of children under risk and children in contact with the law” supported by Swiss International Development Agency, Swiss Development and Cooperation Agency and UNICEF with the objective to improve the jucevile justice system and strengthening the legal and political system of services and practice.





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