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Consultations of Young People in Jajce: Many Hands Make Light Work

© UNICEF/BHG 2011/Panjeta
“Many hands make light work” was one of the messages sent from the consultations.

One of the five regional consultations on the position of adolescents in Bosnia and Herzegovina today was held in Jajce on Thursday 20.May 2011 and was jointly organized by UNICEF and OIA, with support from Spanish MDG Fund. Young people from the Una-Sana Canton, Central Bosnia Canton and Canton 10 attended the consultations and the workshop. The main topic of the talk was UNICEF’s report “The State of the World's Children 2011 – Adolescence: An Age of Opportunity”, which analyzes in detail the global challenges faced by adolescents, their rights, as well as the need for investment in this domain. Young people analyzed the state of the youth in BiH by working together, through discussions and workshops; but they also gave their recommendations for the improvement of the current condition.

© UNICEF/BHG 2011/Panjeta
“Young people certainly are the future, but people often forget that they are the present as well" - said Anne-Claire Dufay, UNICEF Deputy Representative

“Young people certainly are the future, but people often forget that they are the present as well, and that their voice is important and should be listened to. We want to hear your voice and help it reach those who make the decisions, who need to hear it”, said Anne-Claire Dufay, Deputy Representative at UNICEF BiH, at the beginning of the consultations.
By working in groups, the young people have emphasized the issue of inconsistency between what young people learn as opposed to what is in demand at the labor market, as well as the issues of youth unemployment, youth discrimination on numerous accounts, inadequate youth social protection, insufficient level of information, the need for more opportunities for young people to put their problems forward and to give proposals for solving them. There was also talk about the issues of social protection, as well as the issues of alcoholism and substance abuse, which often affect young people. Although there was talk about the lack of prospects and the indifference of the youth as well, the discussion still ended on a positive note, and in one of their messages, the young people concluded that they can change a lot of things together.



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