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Laktaši: The Day Care centre for children with special needs opened

The day care centre for children with special needs has been opened within the Early Childhood Development Centre in Laktasi, on Wednesday 20.4. , as a part of UNICEF's initiative "The best start for every child". The Day Care centre was opened as an extension of the initial project and with the support of the local community. Currently, the services of the day care use four children with special needs. They have a chance to socialize with each other, but also to meet and socialize with other children at the ECD Centre. Selena Bajraktarević, UNICEF Programme Officer for Early Childhood Development attended the opening ceremony,  and Milovan Topolović Laktaši Mayor pledged support to the project.

"We are thankful to UNICEF for initiating such a great project that has been well received in the local community. The initiative proves to be quite successful and necessary. We will do everything in our power, will make additional efforts to secure support from the relevant ministries and government for the Centre, to secure continued support for functioning of this Centre after the project ends, said Topolović.
"The fact that local community continued to complement services of the Early Childhood Development Centre with additional services proves that you understand and accept the idea and concept of the integrated centre. Being an innovative model in this region, the ECD Centre’s objective was precisely respond to the needs of the community in which it operates," said Selena Bajraktarević stressing the importance of the early childhood development, which has a great effect on their further development and formation.

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