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Children’s Wishes Wall - Award Ceremony „Wising a Better Childhood”

A group photo of chidlren with UNICEF Representative

The most successful participants of the Facebook competition, "Wishing a better childhood," awards were officially presented in Sarajevo, on 9 March 2011 at the premises of UNICEF. Children and their parents from Mostar, Banja Luka, Sarajevo, Bugojno and other towns attended he ceremony.  UNICEF Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mrs Florence Bauer expressed satisfaction how this game wall of children's raised awareness about rights of children in BiH.

"It is important that children had the opportunity to express their views because they are the best advocates for their rights. The competition itself was a great way to achieve this "said Ms Bauer welcoming children.

Representatives of UNICEF and the European Union handed over gifts and awards to children

Besides the main prizes - laptop, mobile phone and photo camera, 15 more prizes were handed over, including the jersey of EdinDzeko, UNICEF Ambassador in BiH, as well as valuable atlases and encyclopaedias, toys for the youngest participants handed over to children by representatives of UNICEF and the European Union.

"This contest was a very good opportunity for us children. It gave us an opportunity to clearly and independently tell to adults what we want, "said the little girl Ariana Kovacevic.

On the web site more than 300 wishes and requests were submitted, and  a Facebook profile joined more than 13,000 children and parents. Children proved to have a big heart, unselfishly requesting that their friends have lunch, that children are not hungry in the world, that all children have good education and peace.

Competition "Wishing a better childhood," was realized within the project "Enhancing the system for social protection and inclusion of children in BiH", which is implemented with the support of European Union and governments of Norway and the UK.
“The entire Programme  "Enhancing the system for social protection and inclusion of children in BiH", was of great importance for all children in BiH. The significance of today's activity and the prize is very great because the children are able to use their knowledge via the Internet to express their wishes and demands, "said Maria Farrar Hockley, section chief of operations 1 Delegation of the European Union in Bosnia-Herzegovina.
The objective of the Programme is to mobilize children and adolescents to highlight what they want to change so that every right is fulfilled to every child.





Wall of Children's Wishes and Requests


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