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Training for professionals on budgeting for children completed

The final training module, "Budgeting for children as a tool for strategic planning" was completed on 8.3. 2011 on Jahorina near Sarajevo by awarding certificates for approximately 60 professionals involved in the social protection system of for children in municipalities, cantons, as well as at state and entity level governments. The training is apart of the Program for strengthening the system of social protection and inclusion for children in Bosnia and Herzegovina, implemented by UNICEF, with support from the European Union and the governments of Great Britain and Norway.

The main lecturer was professor  Richard Brandon, Ph.D - an expert from the Human Services Policy Center (HSPC), University of Washington. The participants were officials of relevant ministries in the field of finance, social welfare, education and health at state and entity level and  from pilot municipalities and cantons involved in the Programme.

"Tools and techniques for identification of funds allocated for children and services to support these resources were presented to professionals in BiH in this training. These tools will also offer the ability to analize and determine whether such allocation of budgets  is adequate to meet the needs and what would be the costs to include all children entitled to certain services of social protection. This  way they can determine whether the budgets  are balanced taking into account available resources and  the most efficient way to achieve the best results for children, and analyze the fairness of the allocation of resources, "explains prof. Brandon basic principles of budgeting for children.
Especially important aspect of education is to prove that the budget is not just accounting tool to determine how much money is available, but also a tool for strategic planning, if used correctly.





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Evans School researchers are working with UNICEF to assist with fiscal analysis and capacity development for agencies providing children with health, education, and child protection services in in Bosnia and Herzegovina. All training materials can be found HERE


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