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Summary Working groups conclusions

1. Monitoring of the children and families in the social protection system

The working group came-up with priority areas to work on in the next two years, and those include: focusing on standardizing legislation for preparation of protection plans, advocating for up-dating of social norms (from 1984), harmonizing Code of Conduct for Centers for Social Work, continuous development of social workers’ capacities, sensitization of magistrates and lawyers on specific issues related to children without primary caregivers and families at risk, and a better system to monitor (including increasing the number of auditors).

2. Family-support services

The second group while analyzing issues related to family-support services concluded that some of the priority areas to work on are related to improving legislation (and ensuring an adequate budget for its realization) on protection of children and families at all levels and meanwhile standardizing services provided to families and Center for Social Works’ activities, creating a central data-base of children without primary caregivers and families at risk and one of the available resources in each community for provision of family services, and establishment of regional services to support families at risk in order to prevent separation of the child from his/her biological family.  

3. Development of alternative forms of care for children without parental care

The third group looked at alternative forms of care for children without parental care and highlighted the need to determine the family-legal status of children without parental care , of establishing a database of children eligible for adoption and of families available and considered suitable for receiving children in adoption, to promote adoption as form of permanent care, to improve the legislation and coordination of adoption at the Federal level, to strengthen Center for Social Works’ capacities, and development of alternative –care measures with the aim to reduce institutionalization. 

4. Institution Transformation

The fourth group looked at institutions’ transformation and highlighted as priority actions, the necessity to establish a coordination body of experts which will prepare plans to enable the transformation on the whole territory, amend legislation and plan an adequate budget, and start with the improvement of an institution in the next two years in order to then scale-up to the others. 



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